“Empty Nest Syndrome”

I always laugh when I hear the term empty nest. It’s even called a “syndrome.” Maybe it’s because I had an established career before the chickies flew from the nest, or maybe it’s because I’ve never really had a day off to worry about this syndrome, or maybe it’s because, seriously, they Keep Coming Home!


When kids leave for college, there are also still the requisite drop-offs, pick-ups, school events, sports’ games, parents’ weekends, vacations, care packages, I forgot this or that​ and can you send it, please​, shopping for college, re-shopping for college​ and so on​. ​T​hen they come home ​for a weekend or for their breaks, ​and all of a sudden you have to get your stuff out of their room again — and you’d better not have changed a thing about the room while they’re gone!


After college, you’re their pit-stop; their place to hang with friends; the place to have their favorite meal shopped for, cooked and cleaned up by you; the place where their friends will come and stay for their reunion for camp, school, greek house, whatever! Clean sheets​ – check!​, food in the fridge, ​check! endless amounts of ​laundry, ​check! ​real dinners prepared,​ check!​ more laundry,​ check!​ using your car​ and leaving you home alone without a car​,​ check!​ ​A​nd did I mention the laundry?


Finally​,​ they get an apartment ​after college ​and take some of your belongings​ and theirs with them​, ​hoping for homemade food from you while they’re “living on their own.” ​Then​, they​ move back home to ​”​save some money​,​​”​ while costing you a ton, then move out again leaving you saying, “What just happened?​!​”


So, for anyone dreading the new school year and the kids leaving you with an empty nest – don’t cry your tears​, don’t feel lonely and don’t worry about when you’ll see the kids again.​ Just enjoy every single minute you have of peace and quiet before they​ come home​ again.